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An automatic screen shot uploader for OS X.
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UpShot is an automatic screen shot uploader for OS X, written in Python.

For sharing, UpShot uses Dropbox's Public folder, giving you maximum control over what you share.

For more information and to download UpShot, visit the UpShot website. If you want to contribute to UpShot or check out its source code, read on.


The basic workflow is this:

  • UpShot listens to a new screenshot being created with OS X's default screenshot function.
  • It moves that screenshot to your public Dropbox folder.
  • It copies that public Dropbox URL to your clipboard.

Other features currently include:

  • Custom domain name support
  • randomized filenames


UpShot is an open source project. Issues / pull requests, feedback, feature requests, …, are greatly appreciated!

Compiling it

UpShot uses a fabric script for build and maintenance tasks:

  1. Create a virtualenv.
  2. pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. fab build

This will build an app package in the directory dist. You can execute it from there. If you want to see console output, start it via fab run instead.

Note: Your virtualenv might not contain libpython2.x.dylib and thus cause an error. You can simply cd $VIRTUAL_ENV and ln -s /path/to/libpython2.x.dylib as a workaround.


The latest version has a configuration screen, but not everything is configurable yet. For a full list, check out for constants. You can override all those in a (new) file


Thanks to:

  • David Vignoni for his upload icon.
  • Jason Costello for Slate, the website theme that uses.


UpShot is released under a BSD license. Read the file LICENSE for more information.

Copyright (c) 2012 Fred Wenzel.

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