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The official Docker Docker-in-Docker image, with an option to pass CLI options as an environment variable.
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dind-options Docker Image

A slightly modified version of the official Docker-in-Docker image (specifically the docker:dind image), allowing arguments to its entrypoint to be passed as an environment variable.

My main issue was that when using the official image as a Gitlab CI service, I am unable to pass any CLI options. Because I use a Docker registry with a self-signed certificate, I need to pass --insecure-registry to dind during startup.

As such, I added a small wrapper entrypoint that adds the contents of the DOCKER_OPTS environment variable to the CLI arguments of the normal entrypoint.

This allows me to do this in Gitlab CI:

image: docker:latest

    DOCKER_OPTS: "--insecure-registry=my.docker.registry"
    DOCKER_HOST: "tcp://lordgaav__dind-options:2375"

    - lordgaav/dind-options:latest


Released under the MIT license.

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