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openframeworks addon to use googles inofficial speech to text api
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openFrameworks addon/wrapper to the Google Speech To Text API v2.

Unfortunately the first API version doesn't work anymore and API v2 is officially limited to 50 requests per day and it is still not possible to apply for a higher quota (but people reported that they were able to get up to 500 responses per day).

Anyway I can't recommend using this addon in a production environment - only for prototyping purposes.

For unlimited requests check out the workaround example via Chrome.

Feedback is really welcome!


Originally this addon was ported from the processing library by Florian Schulz, which was based on Mike Pultz article that showed how to use the technology offered by Google without a browser.

Informations to switch from v1 to v2 were found here.


Before you start you need to generate your own Speech API Key.


not using the addon at all, only showcasing the api request with a prerecorded audio file


basic addon example for recording and transcripting


Instead of using ofxGSTT, this workaround uses the Speech to Text API within Google Chrome and sends the results to openFrameworks via WebSockets. Idea (again) ported from Florian Schulz example.

Dependencies: Google Chrome (or Chromium) and ofxLibwebsockets


libsndfile is included as static libs for unix(32 and 64bit). for mac you might need to brew install libsndfile and for win you can try to install the binaries provided here.

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