Not working with IE9 with IE7 quarks mode. #11

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anozaki commented Apr 3, 2013

change text[ index ] to text.charAt(index)


fxa commented Apr 4, 2013

Hi anozaki!
Thank you for your investigation.
I found only one usage, in isPercentDigitDigit (but there 3 times in a line!).
I am confused a little bit, that jshint did not find it. I thought, jshint checks ES5 compatibility.
Now I am working on an extract method and made heavy changes therefore. So I will have to branch.
It will need some days, until I can fix and checkin the bugfix
Sorry for that

anozaki commented Apr 4, 2013

I think one more spot. pctCharAt uses it first line.

"text[index]" is valid in ES5... IE7 is just broken in a lot of ways. Another example is Array.indexOf, IE7 doesn't have it, but have String.indexOf. So, I don't really now how you would check against some of these things automatically.

I've made a copy for now so not a big deal. Just wanted to put something here for others.

I am also running into the issue that pctCharAt fails in IE 8 quirks mode. Causing this issue in Glimpse codebase:


Any idea when you will have a fix?

@fxa Just wondering if you have any updates on when this might be fixed?


fxa commented May 18, 2013

Just fixed it! There were more problems with IE6 quirks mode than I thought, not only the string[]

fxa closed this May 18, 2013

Fantastic. Pulling over the latest changes now. Thanks again!

@npmcomponent npmcomponent pushed a commit to npmcomponent/ericgj-uritemplate that referenced this issue Jan 6, 2014

@fxa fxa fixed fxa/uritemplate-js#11 (Problems in older IEs. Thanks to anozaki!) 19aa9f1
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