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  1. foxbox foxbox Public

    The FoxBox daemon

    Rust 28 29

  2. multicast-dns multicast-dns Public

    Experimental mDNS Rust wrapper around Avahi C libraries

    Rust 12 5

  3. openzwave-rust openzwave-rust Public

    Rust wrapper for the open-zwave library

    Rust 4 7

  4. registration_server registration_server Public

    The registration server to help with foxbox discovery

    Rust 4 4

  5. dns-server dns-server Public

    Server that helps the Box to announce its local IP address without relying on mDNS, and to register its LetsEncrypt cert for use on its local IP address.

    Shell 4 2

  6. app app Public

    An app for Project Link

    JavaScript 3 6


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