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Intro to Python

The slides for this course can be viewed here

This is the Girl Develop It Intro to Python course. Material is loosely based on Think Python by Allen B. Downey and written by Caleb Smith

The course is meant to be taught in 4 two-hour sections. Each of the slides and practice files are customizable according to the needs of a given class or audience.

  • N.B. - This repo should see a bit of change in the next few weeks (as of 6-24-2013) and very much constitutes a WIP


Class 1

Intro to programming in Python - First steps for programming using the Python shell.

What is programming? What is Python? We'll tackle these concepts, set up a development environment, and get started working in the Python shell

Class 2

Structured programming - Functions, Loops, and conditionals

We'll be creating small programs in the text editor, implementing control flow and loading these programs into the shell.

Class 3

Python data structures and other essential built-ins

Lists, dictionaries and other built-in containers give the Python programmer tremendous power. We'll use these combined with other Python built-ins to process text files for information.

Class 4

Higher level abstractions using object oriented and functional programming

What is Object-Oriented Programming and Functional Programming and how can they help make programming easier?

We'll also get started on some projects that you can do with your new Python skills.