Library designed for parsing and manipulating GPX files
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This library is designed for parsing and manipulating gpx files in Python.

This project originally started: by Ben Leslie. Modified by Nick Lang to work with GPX v1.1:

I am modifying it further. Changes are in CHANGE-LOG.


Required by pygpx:

  • lxml
pygpx has now been converted to v0.3.
  • v0.3 now supports the GPX schema v1.1. All files using pygpx should validate against v1.1
  • pygpx now ships with the schema v1.1 and will run a validation test before running.
  • Garmin supports exporting files to GPX valid against v1.1 so you shouldn't have any problems if you're using garmin software.



API example:

from pygpx import GPX
gpx = GPX("some_data.gpx")
tracks = gpx.tracks
for track in tracks:
    for trkseg in track.trksegs:
        for trkpnt in trkseg.trkpts:
            print trkpnt.lon
            print trkpnt.elevation
            print trkpnt.time

    print track.full_duration()
    print track.distance()