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+# I committed something by error and want to undo it without a revert patch and keeping the working
+# directory as it is. For example I added some hunks selectively and then did a commit -a by error.
+git reset HEAD^
+# I want to undo everything local, all commits and all changes to files.
+git reset origin/master --hard
+# Check what you are about to push, remove -p to not include diffs.
+git log -p origin/master..master
+# I have done some changes, they are not added/commited, and I want to undo everything.
+git checkout -- .
+# I want to know when a certain file was deleted.
+git log --diff-filter=D -- path/to/file
+# working with a fork
+git remote add rails git://
+git fetch rails
+git rebase rails/master
+# defaults
+git config --global push.default matching
+git config --global "Xavier Noria"
+git config --global ""
+git config --global push.default upstream
+git config --global color.ui true
+git config --global merge.tool opendiff
+# gitignore
+echo .idea > ~/.gitignore
+git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore
+# abort a cherry-pick
+git reset --merge
+# merge docrails
+git rev-parse HEAD # => S1 (before merging)
+git rev-parse HEAD # => S2 (after merging)
+git rev-list S1..S2 # to get a list of the new commits
+# Prune remotes that were deleted in origin
+git remote prune origin
+# List all merged branches
+git checkout stable
+git branch -a --merged
+# Then, for each local branch you can
+git branch -d name_of_local_branch
+# ...and for each remote branch
+git push origin :name_of_remote_branch
+# Sergio's alias
+alias git-atpc='git branch --merged | grep -v "^*" | xargs git branch -d'
+# index file corrupt
+rm -f .git/index
+git reset
+# tagging
+git tag v1.0
+git push origin v1.0
+# merge pull request at repo, branch name
+git pull extended_beginning_of_week
+# git bisect
+git bisect start
+git bisect good v2.6.18
+git bisect bad master
+git bisect good/bad
+and when the culprit is found
+git bisect reset
+# which commit deleted some particular file?
+git log --diff-filter=D -- lib/tasks/metadata.rake
+# Track a remote branch.
+git checkout -t origin/3-1-stable
+git checkout --track -b <local branch> <remote>/<tracked branch>

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