Assets 2

New features

  • Add support of the global configuration (7ab02bc, #273)
  • Add support of environment variables (8929f2b, #274)
  • Add config option config.fxp-asset.enabled to enable/disable the plugin (fda53b9, #249)
  • Add support of dependencies resolution to solve the conflicts (d65dabd, #276)

Bug fixes

  • Fix conversion of version with wildcard in range (4c176fb, #236, #244, #253)
  • Remove the suffix info of version (1600e62, #260)
  • Fix the cleaning of the version prefix (95abd7a)
  • Fix event circular reference (19cfc19)
  • Fix conversion of hyphen range with single number of version (623fe6b, #270)
  • Fix conversion of && range version (dacfc81, #247)
  • Registering the NPM packages defined in registry even if the repository url is erroneous (544b7a9, #275)
  • Add the VCS repository from a URL dependency in the Pool (2b652ae)


  • Make it compatible with Composer 1.3 (ee87499)
  • Make it compatible with Composer 1.4 (4aab26a)
  • Make it compatible with the snapshot version x.y.z-SNAPSHOT (69fd13c, #261)
  • Make it compatible with the NPM Scope (042cb00, #266)
  • Make it compatible with date version (80760a9, 41520c8, #185)
  • Make it compatible with the direct url of archive file in package dependencies (e7f0360)
  • Move the plugin config in the config section of package, see the section of deprecated options (9b630ce, d3b1295)
  • Update the console output style in verbose mode (68dcc82)
  • Update the doc (6eb2039, 19644a2, 42bad73)

Deprecated options

All the options of the plugin are moved in the config section of the root package. Because the config section does not change the hash of the locked file composer.lock, which is not the case for the extra section.


  • All the options in the extra section are functional, and a warning will appear in the console if they are used
  • All the options in the config.fxp-asset section will override the options still defined in the extra section
  • extra.asset-installer-paths becomes config.fxp-asset.installer-paths
  • extra.asset-ignore-files becomes config.fxp-asset.ignore-files
  • extra.asset-private-bower-registries becomes config.fxp-asset.private-bower-registries
  • extra.asset-pattern-skip-version becomes config.fxp-asset.pattern-skip-version
  • extra.asset-optimize-with-installed-packages becomes config.fxp-asset.optimize-with-installed-packages
  • extra.asset-optimize-with-conjunctive becomes config.fxp-asset.optimize-with-conjunctive
  • extra.asset-repositories becomes config.fxp-asset.repositories
  • extra.asset-registry-options becomes config.fxp-asset.registry-options
  • extra.asset-vcs-driver-options becomes config.fxp-asset.vcs-driver-options
  • extra.asset-main-files becomes config.fxp-asset.main-files


Composer version: ^1.4.0.
Installation: must be do in global mode.