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Mongoid::Slugify is a gem, which helps you with generating slugs for your Mongoid models.

Travis CI


Add Mongoid::Slugify to your Gemfile:

gem 'mongoid-slugify'

Since 0.1.0 Mongoid::Slugify supports both Mongoid 2.x and 3.x releases.


class Product
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Slugify

  field :title

  def generate_slug

As you can see, you should make 2 things:

  • include Mongoid::Slugify module to your model
  • provide a way to generate initial slug for your model (based on any fields, that you want)

If do those - Mongoid::Slugify will save the generated slug to slug field of your model and will care about slug uniqueness (it will append "-1", "-2", etc to your slugs until it finds free one).

Mongooid::Slugify gives you these additional functions:

  • redefines to_param method, so that it returns slug, if it's present, and model id otherwise
  • Model.(find_by_slug/find_by_slug!/find_by_slug_or_id/find_by_slug_or_id!) methods. If you don't want to generate slugs for all your existing objects (so that to_param will return model ids) - you should prefer the latter two in your controllers.


This library will not provide a way to generate initial slugs, at least in the nearest future. I just don't need it. If you need this functionality - please, contact me and we can discuss it. Or simply open pull request. :)

If you need all-out-of-the-box solution - look at Mongoid Slug, it's far more full featured and actively developed.

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