This is a test app for showing how to use ckeditor gem in Rails 3.1 app.
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Rails 3.1 and Ckeditor test app

This is a test app for showing how to use ckeditor gem ( in Rails 3.1. I hope, this will help somebody :)


First of all, if you really want to integrate ckeditor with Rails 3.1 asset pipeline - you should do it yourself, manually and ckeditor gem is not for you. For everyone else, if you are ok, that ckeditor and all it's dependencies will exist in public/javascripts directory - you can follow this simple guide.


git clone git://

In order to boot up you should install dependencies, create database and run migrations:

bundle install
rake db:create
rake db:migrate

rails server

Then go to


and enjoy your life.

How to build this app from scratch

gem install rails --pre
rails new rails_3_1_with_ckeditor_and_carrierwave --skip-bundle
cd rails_3_1_with_ckeditor_and_carrierwave

Add this to your gemfile

# if you need carrierwave you should use this line for now
gem "ckeditor", :git => "git://"

gem "carrierwave"
gem "mini_magick"


bundle install

There is a bug in installation generator (which I'll fix eventually) for Rails 3.1 and you must create public/javascripts directory manually (cause Rails 3.1 doesn't need it by default):

mkdir public/javascripts

Run generators:

rails generate ckeditor:install
rails generate ckeditor:models --orm=active_record --backend=carrierwave

Migrate database (if you're using ActiveRecord):

rake db:migrate

Generate your controller and view:

rails generate controller main index

And paste this lines to app/views/main/index.html.erb:

<%= javascript_include_tag "/javascripts/ckeditor/ckeditor.js" %>
<%= cktext_area_tag("test_area", "Ckeditor is the best") %>

Start the server

rails server

and visit