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This is a sample Android application using Scala and the SBT-Android plugin (version 0.7-SNAPSHOT)

Installing the plugin

This will install the latest plugin snapshot :

git clone
cd android-plugin; sbt publish-local

Common commands

  • Package with apk
  • Install with install
  • Start with start

Directory layout

build.sbt                       -- Build configuration
project/plugins.sbt             -- Plugin configuration
src/main/AndroidManifest.xml    -- Android manifest
src/main/res                    -- Android resources
src/main/scala                  -- Scala code


Try running the project without any modification first, then read this.

  • If you get this :

    ERROR: Asset package include '/android_sdk/sdk/platforms/android-16/android.jar' not found.
    ERROR: Asset package include '/android_sdk/sdk/platforms/android-16/android.jar' not found.
    java.lang.RuntimeException: error generating resources

    Then change the platformName setting in build.sbt to the right version.

  • If you get errors like UnsupportedClassVersionError or missing classes at runtime, then you're most likely building for Java 7, which isn't supported at the moment.

    I just sent a pull request with a commit to force the use of Java 6.