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Some simple PHP-libs for own use

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Some handy code snippets in PHP for own use.

- cmd.php

	Can execute shell command. Returns the result of execution (command output).

	Example of use:

	$output = command("iptables -n -L -v");
	echo $output;

- id.php

	Just returns UID

	Example of use:

	$uid = getuid();

- log.php

	Simple PHP-log

	Example of use:

	writelog(-1,"some error has been happened");
	writelog(2,"just info message");

- net.php

	Simple network mask related functions.

	Example of use:
	$someip = "";
	echo get_mask($someip); // will print ""
	echo get_net($someip); // will print ""

- pid.php

	Creates pid-file and prevents multi-copies of the same process.

	Example of use:

	$pid = new pid("pid",30);
	if ($pid ->already_running)
	 echo "we're already running\n";
	 if ($pid->alarm)
		echo "we're running more than 30 minutes\n";
		if (!$pid->respawn()) { echo "can't kill process"; exit; }
		echo "process terminated. working...\n";
		echo "another process is running but it is not time to kill it yet\n";

- ping.php

	Can ping network hardware.
	Requires root privileges.

	Example of use:

	$p = new ICMP();
	if (0 >= $icmp->ping(IP,COUNT)) { echo "no response\n"; exit; }

- telnet.php

	Can telnet to network hardware and do some commands.
	Tested with D-Link, Edge-Core, Cisco

	Example of use:
	$t = new PHPTelnet();
	$r = $t->Connect(IP,USER,PASSWORD);
	if (0 != $r) { echo "error\n"; exit; }
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