A toolkit to help you deploy python apps with nginx and uWSGI.
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Welcome to use PyDeployToolkit, a python apps deployment toolkit.

It's not quite easy to deploy python apps for freshmen in production. This toolkit would help.

But remember, you are at your own risk if you decide to use this toolkit. The author @fyears is NOT responsible to your choice. Well, the author are trying the best to avoid bugs, since he or she is using it as well. :-)

Now, this toolkit is for ubuntu only! Though you may use it in other system if you make some changes.

Nginx and uWSGI are perfect to deploy python apps.

To install them using this toolkit (you must be a root user or using sudo) when you are in the toolkit folder: git clone git@github.com:fyears/PyDeployToolkit.git
cd PyDeployToolkit/
sh install_nginx.sh
sh install_uwsgi.sh
You must install nginx before uWSGI.

When you want to add a virtualhost (you must be a root user or using sudo):
sh /root/vhost4py.sh

The toolkit will do the following things:

  • Install nginx and add the init file
  • Install uWSGI and add the init file
  • Simplify the steps to add a new virtualhost

With the help of the toolkit, :

  • You can configure the nginx conf file(s) you want in /usr/local/nginx/conf
  • You can configure the uWSGI params with files, if you put all your uwsgi files in /home/pyconf/uwsgiconf/. (uwsgi --emperor /home/pyconf/uwsgiconf --emperor-tyrant will run on system boot.) If you use socket, you should always set uid = www and gid = www, and it's strongly recommended to run (for example) sudo chown www:www yourdomainconf.ini after you modify the file.
  • Every /home/wwwroot/$domain/pyenv folder created by ./vhost4py.sh is a python virtualenv.
  • You can easily upgrade nginx with ./upgrade_nginx.sh.
  • You can easily upgrade uWSGI because it's installd by running sudo pip install uwsgi.

You should know:

  • web dir: /home/wwwroot
  • to manage nginx: /etc/init.d/nginx {start|stop|reload|restart|kill}
  • to manage uwsgi: {start|stop|reload|restart|kill} uwsgi_emperor
  • to check nginx file: /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx -t
  • Every time you change the uwsgi conf files (/home/pyconf/uwsgiconf/*.{ini|xml|json|...}), the related python apps should be reloaded automatically.
  • Every time you change the nginx conf files or python project files, you have to reload or restart nginx and uwsgi_emperor by hands.

This toolkit is compatible with and modified from another amazing toolkit: LNMP. In fact, you can just run ./install_uwsgi.sh after installing that toolkit. After that your VPS or your server can run both python apps and php apps. You can add a vhost running in php with cd /root && sudo ./vhost.sh. Many files in this toolkit are directly taken from LNMP package, some are modifed, and some are created by @fyears with the help of Internet.

Websites you may be interested in:

To find the author of this python apps deployment toolkit:

"Fork it" and "send pull request" are warmly welcome.