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A powerful and funny android app. that streams the camera and microphone of your phone to your browser or to VLC
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  • Spydroid is a little app. that streams the camera and microphone of your phone to your browser or to VLC !

  • It is a fun app for pulling off pranks: you can remotly trigger funny sounds on your phone or toggle its flash.

  • Developers, start by reading this to find out how streaming is achieved in Spydroid.

  • Check out the feature list to see what Spydroid is capable of :) And If you have questions, check out the FAQ.

  • If you enjoyed Spydroid, or its source code, please rate the app on Google Play, I would really appreciate :) And if you go and like the facebook page, you will be rewarded with all my gratitude :p


  • The stream can be directly read by VLC which is great because VLC is a very powerful tool, for example you can really easily record the stream in a file. [FAQ See the FAQ to find out how].
  • You can enable/disable sound or video streaming
  • The resolution, the bitrate and the framerate of the stream can be configured... Two video encoders are available for the video streaming: H.263 and H.264. For sound streaming AMR and AAC are available.
  • The flash can be controlled remotly !
  • You can choose between the back facing camera and the front facing camera (if your phone has one)
  • Funny sounds can be played on the phone from the HTTP interface ! Awesome isn't it ? :p
  • You can make the phone vibrate remotely
  • You can see the battery level of the phone
  • Some more advanced features are shown here


  • Ice Cream Sandwich or better (API level >=14)
  • H.263: should work on phones that supports h263
  • H.264: should work on phones that supports h264
  • AMR: should work everywhere!
  • AAC: should work everywhere!

There may be some glitches on some phones. Some resolution, frame rate, bit rate may be supported on some phones and not on other.

  • The VLC plugin for firefox or chrome need to work properly if you want to use the http interface.

Dear developers

The streaming stack used in Spydroid is available as a standalone library here with its Javadoc and explanations about how it works and how to use it. It is available under the Apache 2.0 license and I no longer maintain it.

Folks, please note that i'm a french dude, so if you see something that doesn't make any sense do not hesitate to correct me :) (fyhertz at gmail dot com).


By Simon Guigui aka fyhertz

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