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Note: makeblog is still very alpha-quality software. Most social media integration and commenting on posts are not yet implemented.

makeblog is a social media-aware static blog generator. It creates a set of HTML blog pages based on Markdown-formatted post files and a configurable set of your recent social media posts.

Compare makeblog to traditional PHP-based blog software. makeblog's advantages:

  • Runs faster (mostly just HTML pages)
  • Less stuff to maintain, especially for small blogs
  • Easy to write themes
  • Store your blog posts in version control!

On the other hand, you would be better off with a different blog platform if your blog:

  • Gets a lot of comments (makeblog is still not very efficient at handling comments)

To make your transition even easier, makeblog includes a script to import your existing WordPress blog posts--just dump your SQL database into an XML file (using phpMyAdmin) and run the script!

Quickstart Guide

  1. Install makeblog (run python install in a virtualenv)
  2. Create a directory to hold your blog. Optionally add it to version control. (TODO: automatic command for this.)
  3. Add posts to the posts/ directory.
  4. Create a configuration file (see sample-config.ini)
  5. Compile your blog with makeblog compile [config.ini]
  6. And you're done!

Special Directories

  • posts: holds your MD-formatted blog posts
  • assets: holds static assets, copied directly over to final site, except for .scss files which are compiled to CSS first.
  • templates: holds Jinja2-format templates


Version 0.4 (planned):
    * Commenting
    * WP import comments
    * Almost-static -- update pages on command, etc.
    * Pingbacks
    * Generate new blog command
    * Custom text on tag pages

Version 0.3 (planned):
    * Tutorial on how to use makeblog
    * Clean up config file structure
    * Friendlier user-interface
    * Make editor configurable
	* Edit blog post command

Version 0.2 (2012/5/25):
	* Archive by date
	* RSS feeds
    * New post command
	* Twitter integration
	* Fix WP import bugs (tags)

Version 0.1 (2012/5/10):
	* WordPress import working
	* Basic HTML blog generation working


Minimalistic blog generator with social media integration







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