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Examples apps using the Fyne toolkit
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Fyne Examples

Here we will gather example apps that use the Fyne toolkit.

You can start the main example app that links to all the others by running

go run main.go

or you can specify a particular example by naming it in the parameter list, like:

go run main.go -calculator

Alternatively each app has a direct main executable in the cmd/* folders.

All these examples are fully scalable - try setting the FYNE_SCALE environment variable to override the detection of your screen's density. Many also respond to the current theme (this is default behaviour for apps built using Fyne widgets) - you can try setting FYNE_THEME=light to change from the default dark theme.

Widget based examples

The following examples use mostly built in widgets making applications trivial to build :).



Bugs game (like MineSweeper)

Hunt the squares to reveal everything apart from the bugs!


An XKCD comic browser with random and lookup features.

Graphics based examples

These examples use the Fyne canvas API to draw primitive shapes, text and images to create custom user interfaces.


A simple analog clock that matches the current theme.



A fratal viewer that can be panned and zoomed


A simple game of solitaire.


A basic visualisation of Conway's game of life.

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