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package fyne
import "net/url"
// An App is the definition of a graphical application.
// Apps can have multiple windows, it will exit when the first window to be
// shown is closed. You can also cause the app to exit by calling Quit().
// To start an application you need to call Run() somewhere in your main() function.
// Alternatively use the window.ShowAndRun() function for your main window.
type App interface {
// Create a new window for the application.
// The first window to open is considered the "master" and when closed
// the application will exit.
NewWindow(title string) Window
// Open a URL in the default browser application.
OpenURL(url *url.URL) error
// Icon returns the application icon, this is used in various ways
// depending on operating system.
// This is also the default icon for new windows.
Icon() Resource
// SetIcon sets the icon resource used for this application instance.
// Run the application - this starts the event loop and waits until Quit()
// is called or the last window closes.
// This should be called near the end of a main() function as it will block.
// Calling Quit on the application will cause the application to exit
// cleanly, closing all open windows.
// Driver returns the driver that is rendering this application.
// Typically not needed for day to day work, mostly internal functionality.
Driver() Driver
// Settings return the application settings, determining theme and so on.
Settings() Settings
var app App
// SetCurrentApp is an internal function to set the app instance currently running.
func SetCurrentApp(current App) {
app = current
// CurrentApp returns the current application, for which there is only 1 per process.
func CurrentApp() App {
return app
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