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package fyne
// Resource represents a single binary resource, such as an image or font.
// A resource has an identifying name and byte array content.
// The serialised path of a resource can be obtained which may result in a
// blocking filesystem write operation.
type Resource interface {
Name() string
Content() []byte
// StaticResource is a bundled resource compiled into the application.
// These resources are normally generated by the fyne_bundle command included in
// the Fyne toolkit.
type StaticResource struct {
StaticName string
StaticContent []byte
// Name returns the unique name of this resource, usually matching the file it
// was generated from.
func (r *StaticResource) Name() string {
return r.StaticName
// Content returns the bytes of the bundled resource, no compression is applied
// but any compression on the resource is retained.
func (r *StaticResource) Content() []byte {
return r.StaticContent
// NewStaticResource returns a new static resource object with the specified
// name and content. Creating a new static resource in memory results in
// sharable binary data that may be serialised to the location returned by
// CachePath().
func NewStaticResource(name string, content []byte) *StaticResource {
return &StaticResource{
StaticName: name,
StaticContent: content,
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