A graph-based management and verification framework for structured data.
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Handling small and large amounts of structured data is an essential component of project management, software development and in many areas other than computer science. However, data management tools have to compromise between the diversity of features available to the user on the one hand and the degree of adaptation to a particular project on the other hand. The more areas of application a tool covers, the fewer characteristics and distinctive features can be taken into account.

This projct presents a browser-based solution to that problem by introducing a highly flexible data model for data representation and a custom-built query language for data evaluation. The latter is used to express search queries as well as consistency requirements. Both components are embedded into an intuitive user interface which is in not inferior to the ones provided by purpose-built applications in any way.


The frame software is executable on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Make sure you have a working JDK 7uX installed on your system. If you are using Linux, you should use either the Oracle JDK or the OpenJDK. Be sure to have the java and javac commands in the your path. This can be checked by executing the java -version javac -version commands in your shell.

The next step is to install the Play! framework in version 2.1.x, which can be downloaded as a binary package at http://www.playframework.com/download. Extract the archive and add the play script to your path. Make sure the script is executable if you are using UNIX.

Finally, install the frame application on your system. Copy the files to the local file system and run either play start or play run. Play! will now resolve all dependencies, compile the project and run the web server. Frame is now available at http://localhost:9000. You can use Ctrl-D to shut down the server again.