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OpenGL/Vulkan Java 3D Engine
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Oreon Engine (Java - OpenGL/Vulkan)

Welcome to the Cross-Platform Java 3D Engine.


As OpenGL and Vulkan Binding for Java the LWJGL 3 API is used. Both OpenGL and the next generation graphics API Vulkan is supported!

Build Manual

  • Oreon Engine project uses lombok. Please download the latest release of lombok and run the .jar to install lombok plugin into Eclipse.

  • Getting started guide for Eclipse available here.

Example Open World Ocean OpenGL Demo

Example Vulkan Ocean Demo

Camera Control

  • Move: W, A, S, D
  • Rotate: Hold the middle mouse button while moving the mouse
  • Accelerate Movespeed: Scroll mouse


Deferred rendering pipeline with up to 8x MSAA and FXAA

LOD Quadtree


WIP Planet

FFT Water

Skydome/Atmosphere and Dynamic Sunlight

Shadow Mapping

Parallel Split Shadow Mapping + Variance Shadows

Tessellation with Normal-/Displacement-Mapping

Post-Processing Effects

Motion Blur, Depth of Field Blur, Bloom

Light Scattering, Lens Flare




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