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aka NePaLi (Nessus Parser Lite) nepali is a python script that will parse Nessus scan results and then export the results into a spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel ".xlsx"). nepali parses Nessus XML output files (by default files are saved with ".nessus" extension).


nepali uses the following public modules:

  • xml.etree.ElementTree
  • xlsxwriter
  • argparse
  • os
  • sys
  • datetime
  • traceback
  • ipaddress
  • zipfile
  • requests
  • bs4
  • json


The following command line options are supported:

  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -d D Location of the directory in which the Nessus output files are stored.
  • -f F Name of the nessus file you want to parse. Ignored if -d option is used.
  • -g Do not get missing field data (default is to make attempt
  • -n Include "None" severity items in output (default does not include them)


Matthew Flick