Play any board game online with friends in the browser. Runs on any device. Using webRTC for peer2peer video chat. Using phaser for rendering.
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Your game table in the browser. Play any board or card game with friends & family.

Tabloro runs on your mac, pc, tablet, or smartphone. Every game session is saved online. Every move can be replayed or rewinded any time. ( TODO )

Built in private peer to peer video & audio chat in the browser.

Scan & upload your own board game tiles, share the link and start playing with friends & family.

Built with nodejs, express, mongodb, eureca, and for peer2peer video&audio chat

Based on madhums express demo, look there for setup instructions

Using functional programming concepts in many areas. Instead of classes i have used namespaces like T for Tile which is a bunch of functions that apply Tile like functionality to objects, e.g. T.onFlip. Or e.g. Dice as in Dice.spin for dice-like functionality. These functions can be mixed and matched to add functionality to game objects. They are really just namespaces, not instances of classes.

Released under MIT License

Ramda is used throughout as functional toolkit. Its a little bit cleaner than underscore or lo-dash, but thats also a matter of taste.

You need to set the env variables for your amazon s3 storage etc. Please use US-standard region buckets, otherwise there is a bug with middleware



e.g. mytabloro




e.g. mongodb://heroku_app...


e.g. mongodb://heroku_....


e.g. production


e.g. ./config:./app/controllers:./lib


e.g. 80