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Welcome to the VEFramework!

Learn how to use VEFramework and how it can help you to solve your business needs.

Some of the articles has been written in the Czech language, so please use the transaltor in the browser (or plugin) to translate them to your language.

How to get started

  1. What is Utxo Blockchain Protocol
  2. What is NTP1 Protocol and how it is assembled in blockchain transaction
  3. NFT as usefull way to manage data
  4. Get started with VEDriversLite
  5. Blockchain Indexer Server
  6. Create simple Blazor WASM App for browsing Blockchain Address Transactions
  7. Read developer guide

Demo and tutorials

  1. Automatic analysis of XrayImage NFTs with IBM Watson AI Assistant
  2. Read about signatures and verification of messages with NBitcoin library
  3. Call the VENFT API with Python


  1. Basic integration of OpenAI into VENFT App
  2. Create NFT content with OpenAI
  3. Creating a Mermaid chart from text using ChatGPT
  4. Blazor Server App for creating NFT using AI
  5. Integration of OpenAI Whisper into VENFT
  6. AI Spanish Teacher with the possibility of selling NFT lessons


  1. Dockerize VENFT server
  2. Dockerize Neblio blockchain
  3. Dockerize IPFS
  4. Use docker-compose to run and connect VENFT server, Neblio and IPFS
  5. Integrate SonarQube
  6. Publish VENFT app to IPFS

How to contribute

  1. Read the contributing guide
  2. How to create issues
  3. How to create branches
  4. How to create pull requests
  5. How does the code review work


  1. Basic introduction to the VEDriversLite.EntitiesBlocks library
  2. Creating Blocks
  3. Block generation using the PV plant simulator
  4. Equipment simulators
  5. Energy model of a small hotel
  6. Energy model of a small flat
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