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Some web projects I did during during my undergraduate studies.
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About the Projects

This repository includes some web projects I did during my undergraduate studies. Some are tools related to the life and study in university just like a campus helper, some are projects I have done for ACM team, and some for administrative departments of the university.

In fact, the web projects I have done are more than these. However, I didn't put them here because I think they are not typical enough.

The projects are briefly introduced as follows:

  • contest: Programming Contest Registration System of China University of Geosciences, Beijing. It checks participants' information in the Student Information System automatically.
  • course: A web application for students to check their course information such as course name, time, classroom and so on. It gets information from the Student Information System, and after that it has the ability to be used offline.
  • empty: A web application to show classrooms without class and generate a user-friendly form for printing.
  • pingyou: Outstanding Student Honor Information Management System of China University of Geosciences, Beijing. It is designed for students to check and upload their information and the Student Affairs Office can use it to manage these information.
  • rating: A web application to crawl and show ACM team members' Codeforces and BestCoder rating.


You need MySQL, PHP and a web server software like Nginx and Apache. The front-end is based on Bootstrap 3 framework and there is no PHP framework used in back-end. That means you don't need any other step for deployment. Just put it there and run.

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