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An 8-bit music synthesizer including C++ and JavaScript version.
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This is an 8-bit music synthesizer including C++ and JavaScript version without any other library.


  • Wav audio format encoder
  • Using pulse, triangle and noise waveform to get 8-bit style music
  • The JavaScript version can be used on web
  • Using FamiTracker's text sheet music format (not all features are supported)


For C++ version, firstly, compose a music in FamiTracker and export it to a text file. Then, just compile and run synth.cpp. If you don't have a FamiTracker, you can use the scores in the score directory to have a test.

For JavaScript version, you have to use the tool in tools directory to transform FamiTracker text format score to a simple DSL first. You can get more information in my blog below.

Details and Demo

You can get more details by browsing my blog (in Chinese) and there is a demo of web version at the bottom of the post.

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