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Hypemachine Python Downloader is a Python script to bulk download songs from HypeMachine. The script is fairly simple to use.

I try to keep this up to date to make note of how HypeMachine is delivering their content so others may learn! I normally document all my investigations on my personal blog at I appreciate all feedback, criticism and help!

How To Use

  1. Make sure you have Python installed (2.7~)

  2. Make sure you have BeautifulSoup installed. I haven't figured out how to deploy with dependencies yet

  3. Open and modify the script to your choosing!

    AREA_TO_SCRAPE: Set this variable to what you'd like to scrape. i.e. popular or a username.

    NUMBER_OF_PAGES: Number of pages to scrape. For initial download you can set this number really high and later just cron job the script set to 1.

  4. Launch the script python