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+2012-10-29, v1.1.0
+* Updated text provider to return paragraphs as a string instead of array. Great for populating markdown textarea fields (Seldaek)
+* Updated dateTimeBetween to accept DateTime instances (Seldaek)
+* Added random number generator between a and b, simply like rand() (Seldaek)
+* Fixed spaces in generated emails (blaugueux)
+* Fixed Person provider in Russian locale (Isamashii)
+* Added new UserAgent provider (blaugueux)
+* Added locale generator to Miscellaneous provider (blaugueux)
+* Added timezone generator to DateTime provider (blaugueux)
+* Added new generators to French Address providers (departments, regions) (geoffrey-brier)
+* Added new generators to French Company provider (catch phrase, SIREN, and SIRET numbers) (geoffrey-brier)
+* Added state generator to German Address provider (Powerhamster)
+* Added Slovak provider (bazo)
+* Added latitude and longitude formatters to Address provider (fixe)
+* Added Serbian provider (umpirsky)
+2012-07-10, v1.0.0
+* Initial Version

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