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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

@fzaninotto fzaninotto released this Jun 4, 2014 · 1846 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Added strict option to randomNumber to force number of digits (fzaninotto)
  • Added slug provider (fzaninotto)
  • Added firstname gender method to all Person providers (csanquer)
  • Added local IP and MAC address providers (kielabokkie)
  • Added default value to optional modifier (joshuajabbour)
  • Added fileCopy to File provider to simulate file upload (stefanosala)
  • Added Maximum Timestamp option to get always same unix timestamp when using a fixed seed (csanquer)
  • Added ean barcode provider (nineinchnick)
  • Added fullPath parameter to Image provider (stefanosala)
  • Added randomElements provider (terite)
  • Added realText provider for English and German, based on Markov Chains Generator (TimWolla)

New / Improved Locales

  • Fixed typo in Slovak person names (cinan)
  • Added tests for uk_UA providers (serge-kuharev)
  • Fixed address provider for latvian language (MatissJA)
  • Added Czech Republic (cs_CZ) address, company, datetime and text providers (Mikulas)
  • Fixed da_DK Person provider data containing an 'unnamed' person (tolnem)
  • Fixed tr_TR email service, city name, person, and phone number formats (ogunkarakus)
  • Fixed US_en state list (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed en_US address provider so state abbr are ISO 3166 codes (Garbee)
  • Fixed Portuguese phonenumbers have 9 digits (hugofonseca)
  • Added pt_PT providers (hugofonseca)
  • Added tin (NIF) generator for pt_PT provider (hugofonseca)
  • Added pt_PT phone number provider (hugofonseca)
  • Added new ro_RO Personal Numerical Code (CNP) and phone number providers (avataru)
  • Fixed Internet provider for sk_SK locale (cinan)
  • Fixed typo in en_ZA Internet provider (bjorntheart)
  • Added Montenegrian (me_ME) providers
  • Added more Polish company formats (nineinchnick)
  • Added Polish realText provider (nineinchnick)
  • Added French realText provider (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed missing data in en_US Address provider (Garbee)
  • Added Bengali (bn_BD) providers (masnun)
  • Added French Canadian (fr_CA) Address and Person providers (marcaube)
  • Added Canadian English (en_CA) address and phone number providers (cviebrock)
  • Fixed Polish (pl_PL) Person provider data (czogori)
  • Added Hungarian (hu_HU) providers (sagikazarmark)
  • Added 'kana' (ja_JP) name formatters (kzykhys)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed numerify() performance by making it 30% faster (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed randomNumber usage duplicating numberBetween (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed IDE insights for new local IP and MAC address providers (hugofonseca)
  • Fixed typo in century list affecting the century provider (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed dead code in text provider (hugofonseca)
  • Fixed IDE insights for magic properties (hugofonseca)
  • Fixed numberBetween max default value handling (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed PSR-2 standards and add make task to force it on Travis (terite)
  • Fixed phpdoc for DateTime magic methods (stof)
  • Added doc about seeding with maximum timestamp using dateTime formatters (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed remaining non-seedable random generators (terite)
  • Fixed realText provider bootstrap slowness (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed address format in nl_NL provider (doenietzomoeilijk)
  • Fixed potentially offensive word from last name list (joshuajabbour)
  • Fixed reamde documentation about the optional modifier (cryode)
  • Fixed Image provider and documentor routine (fzaninotto)
  • Fixed IDE insights for methods (PedroTroller)
  • Fixed warning on test file when short tags are on (bateller)
  • Fixed Doctrine populator undefined index warning (dbojdo)
  • Fixed typo in NullGenerator (mhanson01)
  • Fixed Doctrine populator issue with one-to-one nullable relationship (jpetitcolas)
  • Fixed duplicated Payment example in readme (Garbee)
  • Added allow_failure for hhvm to travis-ci and test against php 5.5 (toin0u)
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