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Uptime Changelog

To be released

  • Remove ICMP poller as it requires Uptime to be launched with root permissions to work
  • Add basicAuth plugin to restrict access to the API and dashboard apps using Basic Authentication
  • Upgrade moment.js to version 2.1
  • Add httpOptions plugin to allow setting custom headers or HTTP options to a check
  • Update the README about the plugin system
  • Update plugins system to make it easier to enable new plugins, just by adding a line in the configuration
  • Add pollerCollections to allow the addition of custom pollers
  • Update HTTP and HTTPS pollers (they now specialize a BaseHttpPoller, to reduce code duplication)
  • Fix monitor crash when poller is badly set
  • Update plugins to let them extend both the monitor and the webapp (warning: changes plugins signature)
  • Add architecture schema in the README
  • Update Dummy Target more to make it verbose on the console
  • Update Check model to store pollerParams
  • Update Ping model to store pollerDetails
  • Add new events to Monitor and dashboard app
  • Add more plugins extension points: they can now add details to checks, abilities to pollers, and store additional details about pings
  • Fix warnings in production by using cookie store for sessions
  • Add mention of external plugins in README
  • Add patternMatcher plugin to allow pattern detection in response body
  • Fix bug allowing the creation of empty checks
  • Add Http Status 303 to allowed redirect Types
  • Fix "Cannot set property 'protocol' of undefined" error when running Uptime behind a proxy
  • Node 0.10 support

2013-04-22, v3.1

  • Update
  • Use Url as Check name when left empty
  • Stop the server if MongoDB is not started
  • Support port overriding via process.env.PORT
  • Fix bug with pause and email
  • Fix bug where checks are pinged too often when they timeout
  • Add link to uptime home page in the dashboard footer
  • Mention the fact that the monitor URL must be accessible without proxy
  • Add email plugin
  • Added uptime version in the footer

2012-12-07, v3.0

  • Uptime bars
  • Exact availability calculation
  • New stats page and date navigation
  • Replaced Highcharts by Flotr2 for charts. No more licence problem!
  • Upgraded to Twitter Bootstrap V2
  • Many tweaks in the GUI
  • Heavy refactoring

2012-12-07, v2.0

  • Moved Mongo initialization to a dedicated bootstrap file
  • Added support for setting the full MongoDB connection string in the config file
  • Fixed engine requirement in package.json
  • Updated Node poller user agent version
  • Fixed console plugin
  • Fixed fixtures to let them generate CheckEvents
  • Fixed pings list not refreshing live in dashboard

2012-09-19, v2.0rc0

  • Upgraded Node.js to 0.8
  • Bumped main dependencies (Express and Mongoose) to v3. This lead to some refactoring in the model classes.
  • Switched to local jQuery to avoid networking issue

2012-09-19, v1.4

  • This is the last release compatible with Node 0.6.
  • New events appear as such when watching event list
  • Added favicon. The favicon turns red when at least one check is down.

2012-08-05, v1.3

  • Added a User-Agent header to both http and https pollers, to identify pings from the monitor in server logs; you can override the header via configuration
  • Fixed "Save and add" redirection
  • Made check title optional (falls back to the url)
  • Fixed handling of relative Location headers
  • Fixed chart timezone and vertical scale bugs
  • Made new events more apparent in the navbar, and in the events page
  • Removed custom date display logic and added moment.js as a dependency.
  • Fixed check when http redirects to https
  • Removed lifecycleEventsPlugin and added mongoose-lifecycle module as a dependency. This change renames events on Mongoose models from 'pre-' to 'before-' and from 'post-' to 'after-' (e.g. 'postRemove' becomes 'afterRemove').
  • Modified API routes to be more RESTful
  • Upgraded dependencies (mongoose, express, ejs, config, async,
  • Added a Reports tab for tags, offering easily accessible monthly reports
  • Made tabs compatible with direct links and back button in tag and check view

2012-04-21, v1.2

  • Ping list is now updated in real time
  • Added 'Save and add' button in new check form to facilitate batch check creation
  • Changed the CheckEvent format for better extensibility (use the fixtures/fixEvents.js fix to migrate existing events)
  • Fix polling interval to mimic the behavior of a cron
  • Add a way to pause checks in the dashboard GUI, in the API, and in the model
  • Split Monitor class and configuration, to fix polling when autoStartMonitor is false
  • Fixed failure to add check in the dashboard when the protocol wasn't set
  • Added UDP poller (bolgovr)

2012-04-10, v1.1

  • Add support for HTTPS checks
  • Refactor poller class to allow adapter pattern. Opens the door for UDP, FTP, complete page... check types.
  • Removed proxy configuration (now uses environment variables)

2012-03-28, v1.0

  • Initial version