Creates a git repository in a SSH host and clones it locally.
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Gitmaker v0.5 - by Fabio FZero

Gitmaker is a simple script that creates a Git repository in a remote SSH
server and clones it in the local machine.

This is only possible because:

1. Git is awesome. No, seriously, it is. While you can do really complicated
forks and merges with it, the way it works over the network is incredibly
simple and decentralized.

2. You don’t have to install any daemons or special modules to have your remote
Git repository (you can if you want to, but it’s not mandatory); the only thing
you need is Git itself.

To use Gitmaker you need:

- Git installed on both your local machine and the SSH server.
- Key-based login configured for your SSH user (optional but highly
  recommended, unless you like to type your password a lot).

Once you have this, go to your favorite folder where you keep your precious
lolcat^H^H^H^H^H^H programming projects and type:

  gitmaker myrepo

This will create a remote 'myrepo' repository at with a local clone
on the current directory. Yep, it’s ready. Commit and be happy.

OMG bonus round!

Use the coolgit sccript to add some color and aliases to your git setup. It can
also setup your global username, email and ignore file. Just jump in and edit it
to your liking.


Q: But dude, I don’t have Git on my server!

A: Well, that sucks. Even Dreamhost (yeah, can you believe it? EVEN
DREAMHOST!!!) has Git available for all users with SSH access. Anyway, it
shouldn’t be too complicated to fix this.

If you have root access, just apt-get install it (or yum it, or emerge it —
whatever you like). If you don’t, I believe it shouldn’t be too complicated
to compile it from source with PREFIX=/home/your_user.

Q: But I run Windows!

A: My condolences.

Seriously though, this will probably work on Cygwin. If it doesn’t and you can
fix it, please send me a patch! :-)


Hey, it's on GitHub. Anyone can see, anyone can fork, anyone can modify. Just
to formalize this stuff, Gitmaker is under the Artistic License 2.0 - not only
to piss off Richard Stallman fans, but also because the GPL v3 is ridiculously
restrictive and paranoid. So no soup for you, Stallman. It's probably a good
thing too, since we know soup and beards don't mix very well.


If you really want, you can follow me on Twitter: @fzero. Beware: I write both
in english and portuguese.

Online docs at