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This is my Vim/MacVim setup. I used several editors and IDEs in the past, but
Vim has some pretty interesting features that you can't find anywhere else,
such as:

- Portability. Every OS I've ever heard of has some version of Vim available.

- It's FAST, even with tons of plugins installed (take that Emacs and Textmate!).

- Let's face it: geek cred.

Yeah, it can be a little hard to get up to speed with it, but vimtutor helps a
lot. In a few minutes you'll be hjkl-ing your way through documents, deleting
lines with dd and cw-ing mistakes before the inevitable :w. Good times.

This setup includes several interesting plugins to make your life easier. Want
a list? there you go:

EasyGrep - Easy filesystem grepping goodness

NERDTree - A cool file tree explorer split

SearchComplete - Tab completion on searches

NERDCommenter - Easy commenting/uncommenting

FuzzyFinder - Open files easily, TextMate style.

Fugitive - Git plugin

Rails - Self-explanatory

Surround - Tag surrounding goodness

vim-cucumber - Cucumber test suite addons

(Yeah, Tim Pope rules -- you should follow him on Github.)

All of them work on plain Vim, meaning that you won't need to have MacVim (or
even a mac!) to use this setup. In fact all my MacVim specific configs are
inside an 'if' statement in vimrc, so you really don't need to worry about it.

I also included additional Python, Wikipedia and Markdown syntax files for your
cheerful and colorful enjoyment.

To use this on Mac/Linux, just donwload/clone/copy it somewhere and either
rename or link the files appropriately (vim/ -> ~/.vim and vimrc -> ~/.vimrc).
This should work on Windows too, but seriously dude: why?

Have fun!
- FZero

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