Browser based user interface for the Go source code guru
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Pythia is a browser based user interface for the Go source code guru, which is a tool for navigating Go code.

For more information on the Go guru, see Using Go Guru.


Installing from source

Building Pythia requires `vgo:

$ go get -u

To install, run

$ git clone
$ cd pythia
$ vgo install

You will now find a pythia binary in your $GOPATH/bin directory.

Running Pythia also requires guru:

$ go get -u


Start the web application with a package path, e.g.:

$ pythia net/http

By default it will listen on port :8080 and try to launch the application in your browser. You can choose a different port via the -http flag, e.g.:

$ pythia -http :6060 fmt

Run pythia -help for more information.