A Python binding for the http11 C parser from Ruby's Mongrel web server.
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This is a Python binding for the C http11 parser from Ruby's Mongrel web server.

To build and install:

  python setup.py install

To use:

  import pyhttp11

  h = pyhttp11.HttpParser()

  print h.execute("POST http://foo.com/ HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: foo.com\r\nContent-length: 12\r\n\r\nHello, World")
  print h.has_error()
  print h.is_finished()
  print h.environ

The h.environ dictionary will then be almost suitable for use as a wsgi environment dictionary, except for the following changes which need to be made:

 * Keys that start with HTTP_ have hyphens (-) like HTTP headers, not underscores (_) as required by the wsgi spec.

 * The wsgi CONTENT_LENGTH is instead named HTTP_CONTENT-LENGTH

 * There is no wsgi.input object with the correct semantics; the body is present in the environment dictionary as REQUEST_BODY.

 * There may be more inconsistencies; if you find any please let me know and I'll document them or fix them.

There is an example.py file that shows what typical usage of this module would look like. The example file requires eventlet.

Donovan Preston
January 14, 2009