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JavaScript Canvas Framework.

This is a game & ui library based on vanilla JS & CanvasInput only! The approach is to allow extendibility while adhering to concepts from popular engines like Unity. It's open source and free now and forever.

Another goal is to keep JSCF as independent library as possible and as cross-platform & backwards-compatible as possible.

Lastly, JSCF should be desktop AND mobile targeted, while keeping good performance.

Gettting JSCF

JSCF is in development. Only prototype version is available. You can get a prototype build from release/jscf.js.

jscf.js is a minified version. To work with non-compact code you need to manually include the core modules + needed modules & components. This helps loading only whatever is neccessary and helps us debug problems.


Pong Demo:

Pong screenshot

Debug Panel:

Debug panel screenshot


For now you can look at the tests directory for examples. Later in development online demos will be available.


  • 2D graphical engine
  • Basic rects renderer
  • Sprite renderer
  • Animator
  • Entities & simple hirarchy
  • Entity scripts
  • Asset manager
  • Scene manager
  • Simple components System
  • Colliders
  • Input management (including basic UI)
  • Prototype Physics Engine
  • Debug Panel (prototype)
  • Demos


Documentation is currently in progress but you can check our wiki, it also points to online API docs.

Help up!

JSCF needs your help! There's a work to be done and a lot of refinement, please consider contributing. You can start by reading There's a great need in documentation and tutorials.

Share your JSCF projects! - let us know about your JSCF projects, we'll be happy to support and be supported.


Published under Apache 2.0

This software includes custom version of CanvasInput.js.