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Simple competition score tracker
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Garnet DeGelder's Simple Score Tracker


This is a simple score tracker, created to allow for input by multiple people at the same time. It supports:

  • multiple clubs with multiple teams
  • multiple events
  • a simple mobile-friendly score input and a "everything on one page" score overview and editor
  • per-event rankings
  • per-team rankings
  • overall rankings (per-club, shows which clubs did better overall)
  • per-club event rankings (shows what needs to be worked on in each club)
  • point multipliers on events for overall calculations (if an event should not count or count more in the overall results)
  • export to and import from CSV files
  • data backup and restore
  • multiple concurrent users (refresh the page to see changes)

Installation Instructions

  1. Edit config.php to specify a SQLite3 database file that you wish to use
  2. Change the initial username and/or password set in config.php for security
  3. Create the database file (ensure the server process has read-write access to both it and the directory it is in.)
  4. Open a web browser to the application's location
  5. Log in with the username and password set in the configuration file
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