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base fork: g-k/dotfiles
base: 8761ca10f8
head fork: g-k/dotfiles
compare: c56a885f3a
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  • 3 commits
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Commits on Apr 28, 2012
Greg Guthe zshenv: Don't source rvm
Breaks oh-my-zsh's prompts
Greg Guthe zshrc: Don't load ruby module
Sources rvm script which breaks oh-my-zsh prompt
Greg Guthe zshenv: Don't bindkeys again
It's handled in zshrc/oh-my-zsh config
Showing with 4 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +0 −3  .zshenv
  2. +4 −4 .zshrc
3  .zshenv
@@ -44,7 +44,6 @@ HISTSIZE=5000
# zsh settings
-bindkey -e # Use emacs keybindings (-v for vi)
setopt hist_ignore_dups # ignore repeated commands
# programs
@@ -63,5 +62,3 @@ else
unsetopt correct_all
-PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.rvm/bin # Add RVM to PATH for scripting
8 .zshrc
@@ -30,10 +30,10 @@ zstyle ':omz:load' zmodule 'attr' 'stat'
zstyle ':omz:load' zfunction 'zargs' 'zmv'
# Set the Oh My Zsh modules to load (browse modules).
-zstyle ':omz:load' omodule 'environment' 'terminal' 'editor' 'completion' \
- 'history' 'directory' 'spectrum' 'alias' 'utility' 'prompt' 'archive' \
- 'git' 'osx' 'python' 'rsync' 'tmux' 'dpkg' 'gpg-agent' 'node' 'ruby' \
- 'history-substring-search' 'gnu-utility'
+zstyle ':omz:load' omodule 'environment' 'terminal' 'editor' \
+'completion' 'history' 'directory' 'spectrum' 'alias' 'utility' \
+'prompt' 'archive' 'git' 'osx' 'python' 'rsync' 'tmux' 'dpkg' \
+'gpg-agent' 'node' 'history-substring-search' 'gnu-utility'
# Set the prompt theme to load.

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