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cli: Add deprecation warning when using coffee option

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1 parent 05f269f commit 8252651dc307d340453eeba408f1875839d68e63 Greg Guthe committed Apr 6, 2012
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@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ module.exports = ->
.option('-q, --quiet', 'Only print critical errors to the screen')
.option('-n, --no-color', 'Disable colors in the output')
.option('-m, --minify', 'Minify the build (uses uglify-js)')
+ .option('-c, --coffee', 'Look for and compile coffee-script files')
.option('-r, --root <root>', 'The of the project', process.cwd()+'/')
.option('-p, --path <path>', 'Path of the config file, relative to root', 'jspackle.json')
.option('-s, --test_server <test_server>', 'Test server', 'http://localhost:9876')
@@ -64,5 +65,7 @@ module.exports = ->
if program.quiet
logging.setClean true
logging.setLevel 'critical'
+ if
+ logging.warn 'The coffee option is deprecated. Any source file ending in .coffee will be compiled.'

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