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Genesis Foundation Child Theme

This child theme is made for Genesis and uses all Zurb's Foundation 5 super powers.

Master branch gives you a pre-compiled theme ready to use, and also all the tools you need to configure your own js and css files(gulp and codekit).

Specific gulp and codekit versions are also available.

In any case, you can use it as is by cloning/downloading the .zip file.

  • All bases functionalities from Genesis can be used. Just note that Primary and Secondary menu are changed to top-left and top-right.
  • This child theme comes with a lot of ready to use common Genesis functions, check the lib folder.
  • This is totally open source, so feel free to use/change as you wish.
  • Licensed under GPLv2.

You can see a working demo here

How to use

Nothing is more easy, download .zip or clone this repository, add it to your themes folder or upload it(only a .zip file) from your website administration panel and you are ready to go.

If you want to use it with gulp, just run bower install && npm install to install all dependencies, then just run gulp. A gulp build task is also prepacked giving you your optimized theme in a ready to upload .zip file

Prefer codekit, easy, just run bower install and you are good to go.

Included is a dummy-content.xml file if you ever need some content, it's actually taken from Genesis base child Theme.

You are now ready to go!



A Genesis child theme powered with Zurb's Foundation 5



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