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This repository hosts two ports of the Contiki Embedded Operating System.

This repository is no longer maintained and has not been deleted purely for historical (and sentimental) purposes. You are very welcome to use it, but do not assume network interoperability with the current version of the Contiki OS

  • Loughborough University's Sensinode/cc2430 port. This port actively supports N601 NanoRouters and N740 NanoSensors. Support for older models (e.g. N711) is also there but may be bugged.
  • A port for the Texas Instruments cc2530 Development Kit. This currently supports SmartRF 05 Eval. Board revision 1.8 with a cc2530 evaluation module and the cc2531 USB dongle.

The port for cc2530 devices would have been impossible without direct support from TI who provided the kit. Many thanks to them.

Both ports boast support for uIPv6 with RPL. All those devices are equipped with TI SoCs. The micros on the cc2430 and cc2530 are both 8051 derivatives, so we use the Small Device C Compiler to build embedded images. Both ports provide solid support for code banking with SDCC, allowing us to build images with a code size of up to 128KB for the sensinodes and 256KB for cc2530s.

If you are doing academic work and you wish to reference our work, this is the paper to cite:

George Oikonomou and Iain Phillips, "Experiences from Porting the Contiki Operating System to a Popular Hardware Platform," in Proc. 2011 International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems and Workshops (DCOSS), Barcelona, Spain, June 2011.


This repository hosts the following branches:

  • master: This tracks master from the contiki-os/contiki.
  • cc-ports: Branch hosting all ports for cc2x30-based devices. This includes cc2530 and Sensinode. This is the default branch.
  • sensinode: Sensinode port (Former default branch. Once branch cc-ports goes live, this one will freeze)
  • cc2530: cc2530 port (Once branch cc-ports goes live, this one will freeze)

More details can be found in the official contiki wiki