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@Groovounet Groovounet released this 16 Mar 22:16
· 162 commits to master since this release


  • Added texture copy, no allocation involved, only transfer
  • Added sub-image copy functions
  • Added non-member clear functions
  • Added make_texture* helper functions


  • Added compressed npot textures support #73
  • Added image access cache to generic textures
  • Added luminance alpha format translation to OpenGL 3.3+ through RG swizzling. #93
  • Improved performance when sampling using mipmaps
  • Improved nearest filter without border using texture_lod performance (~2.5x faster with texture2d)
  • Improved texture::data() (~18x with cube array, ~68x with 2D)
  • Improved texture::size() (~3.1x with cube array, ~3.9x with 2D)
  • Improved simultanous texture::size() and texture::extent() calls (~2.1x with cube array, ~2.3x with 2D)


  • Fixed DX10 DDS saving of 3D textures #91
  • Fixed BGRX translation with PROFILE_GL33 profile #92
  • Fixed DDS9 loading of 3D texture detected as 2D texture #93