ROS driver for serial-connected Roboteq motor drivers
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ROS driver for serial Roboteq motor controllers. This driver is suitable for use with Roboteq's Advanced Digital Motor Controllers, as described in this document. Devices include:

Brushed DC: HDC24xx, VDC24xx, MDC22xx, LDC22xx, LDC14xx, SDC1130, SDC21xx
Brushless DC: HBL16xx, VBL16xx, HBL23xx, VBL23xx, LBL13xx, MBL16xx, SBL13xx
Sepex: VSX18xx

The node works by downloading a MicroBasic script to the driver, which then publishes ASCII sentences at 10Hz and 50Hz with the data corresponding to the Status and per-channel Feedback messages published by the driver.