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(cl:in-package :asdf)
(defsystem :tagger
:description "The Xerox Part-of-Speech Tagger Version 1.2"
:author "Doug Cutting and Jan Pedersen of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center"
:license "Use, reproduction, and distribution of this software is permitted, but only for non-commercial research or educational purposes. see the tagger/COPYRIGHT file for more information."
:serial t
:depends-on (:fiveam :closer-mop)
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "cltl1-compat")
(:module "sysdcl"
:components ((:file "tdb-sysdcl-sysdcl")))
(:module "util"
:components ((:file "cl-extensions")
(:file "string-resource")
(:file "cons-resource")
(:file "sv-resource")
(:file "io-structs")
(:file "io-byte8")
(:file "io-builtin")
(:file "svb")
(:file "trie")
(:file "ssb")
(:file "variable-storage")
(:file "vector-resource")
(:file "float-vector")
(:file "hmm")
(:file "skip-list")
(:module "corpus"
:components ((:file "corpus-protocol")))
(:module "fsa"
:components ((:file "fsa-basics")
(:file "standard-states")
(:file "standard-symbols")
(:file "list-sets")
(:file "skip-list-relations")
(:file "fsa-standard")
(:file "fsa-calculus")))
(:module "analysis"
:components ((:file "analysis-protocol")
(:file "tag-basics")
(:file "lexicon-protocol")
(:file "tag-analysis")
(:file "class-guesser")
(:file "fsa-tokenizer")
(:file "vector-lexicon")
(:file "tag-brown")
(:file "tag-english")
(:file "tag-trainer")))))
#|(defmethod perform ((o test-op) (c (eql (find-system :cool))))
(load-system :cool)
(or (flet ((_ (pkg sym)
(intern (symbol-name sym) (find-package pkg))))
(let ((result (funcall (_ :fiveam :run) (_ :co-test :co-test))))
(funcall (_ :fiveam :explain!) result)
(funcall (_ :fiveam :results-status) result)))
(error "test-op failed") ))|#