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Semantic Web application profiles, ontologies and controlled vocabularies used by g0v-it projects.
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g0v-it ontologies

Semantic Web ontologies and controlled vocabularies used in g0v-it projects.

Ontologies and controlled vocabularies

According with W3C Semantic Web Standards, "there is no clear division between what is referred to as “vocabularies” and “ontologies”. The trend is to use the word “ontology” for more complex, and possibly quite formal collection of terms, whereas “vocabulary” is used when such strict formalism is not necessarily used or only in a very loose sense."

g0v-it projects try to reuse existing ontologies.

Following new vocabularies are defined:

  • mef: a vocabulary to annotate the Italian Budget and other e-Government reports
  • agcom: a vocabulary to annotate AGCOM data TBD
  • auditel: a vocabulary to annotate AUDITEL data TBD


All works in this repository are released under the CC-BY license

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