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g0v fr-ap: a financial report application profile

g0v fr-ap is a specification based on Financial Report Vocabulary suitable to annotate government data with the purpose of supporting budget visualization applications (e.g.

It captures different perspectives of a government budget data like historical trends, cross-department and component breakdown of tax by government.

g0v fr-ap is a semantic web application that builds upon the following RDF vocabularies::

g0v fr-ap also reuses some individual references to linked open data provided by UK e-gov and by Currency EU vocabulary.

This picture summarize the g0v fr-ap restrictions:

g0v-ap UML diagram

In this snippet (in RDF turtle format) describes a provisional financial report as linked data with FR:

@prefix fr: <>.
@prefix kees: <> .
@prefix skos: <> .
@prefix dct:  <> .
@prefix daq: <>.
@prefix interval: <> .
@prefix qb:       <> .
@prefix : <#>.

:2018_budget_report a fr:FinancialReport ;
	dcat:theme <> ;
	fr:refPeriod <> ;
	fr:unit <> .
:facx_x a fr:Fact;
	fr:concept :level_5_account_02001200010001 ;
	qb:dataSet :2018_budget_report ;
	fr:amount 288149000000.00	.

:facx_y a fr:Fact;
	fr:concept :level_5_account_02001200020001 ;
	qb:dataSet :2018_budget_report ;
	fr:amount 881493000.00	.
:level_5_account_A102001200010001 a skos:Concept ;skos:broader :level_4_account_A10200120001 .
:level_5_account_A102001200020001 a skos:Concept ;skos:broader :level_4_account_A10200120002 .
:level_4_account_A10200120001 a skos:Concept ; skos:broader :level_3_account_A1020012 .
:level_3_account_A1020012 a skos:Concept ; skos:broader :level_2_account_A102 .
::level_2_account_A102 a skos:Concept ; skos:broader :top_level_account_A1 .
:top_level_account_A1 a skos:Concept .
:budget_taxonomy a skos:ConceptScheme; skos:hasTopConcept :top_level_account_A1 .

A reasoner that is able to understand SKOS and FR axioms is able to generate CUBE canonical observations e.g:

:facx_x a fr:Fact, qb:Observable;
	fr:concept :level_5_account_02001200010001 ;
	qb:dataSet :2018_budget_report ;
	fr:refPeriod <> ;
	fr:unit <> ;
	fr:isPartOf :component_z ;
	fr:amount 288149000000.00	.

:component_z a fr:Component;
    fr:concept :level_4_account_A10200120001;
    fr:hasPart :facx_x;
    fr:isPartOf :component_k.
:level_4_account_A10200120001 a skos:Concept ; 
    skos:broader :level_3_account_A1020012 ;
        :level_5_account_A102001200020001 .


How to use fr-ap

If you want to write an application that analyzes/visualizes budget data, first you have to transform the government budget raw data in RDF linked data according to fr-ap classes and properties.

Then you reason about data and infer tha missing RDF statements (see axioms directory as example). After reasoning you shoudl check the integrity of resulting Knowledge Base (see tests).

Last, with SPARQL you model the financial information as requested by your selected visualization/analysis tool (for example a bubble graph). You can both materialize the visual application data model in the knowledge base with SPARQL Update or creating it on the fly querying the knowledge base with SPARQL language. If your visualization app is Semantic Web aware (e.g. a Solid application), nothing else is required. If your app requires a json interface, you probably will provide an extra API layer.

In this picture shows the typical workflow:


The directory examples provides some data examples. The directory axioms provides some data and axioms ready to use in a RDF store with a SPARQL update. The directory tests provides some tests to verify the integrity of a knowledge base respect g0v-ap application profile

With Docker, you can create and test an example knowledge base running the run_tests.sdaas in LinkedData.Center SDaaS platform:

docker run -d -p 80:8080 -v $PWD/.:/workspace --name kb linkeddatacenter/sdaas-ce
docker exec -ti kb sdaas -f run_tests.sdaas --reboot

logs info and debug traces will be created in .cache directory.

To access the knowledge base point a browser to http://localhost/sdaas

Free the running docker container with the docker rm -f kb command.