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  domains domain-sync

For automating management of some g0v-related domains via config files.

The following damains can be managed here:


Changing or adding DNS records in main branch of this repository will update the actual domain records.

Inspired by g0v/domain. Future intention is to adopt g0v domain guidelines (English translation).

Table of Contents

πŸ› οΈ Technologies Used

  • YAML. A human-friendly configuration file format.
  • octoDNS. Command-line tool to update domain records from files -- infra-as-code!
  • GitHub Actions. Continuous integration platform to run automation in the cloud.

🎈 Usage

The intended way to use this repository is directly via pull request on GitHub.

For support in making common DNS changes and adding new domains, see docs/

To learn to submit changes, see Contributing

(You should only need to clone this code locally if working on the automation itself. See Development section.)

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Development

To contribute changes to our automation, you'll likely want to be able to run it locally. Here's what you'll need:

  • Install Python 3
  • Install make
  • Install pipenv.
  • Register a Cloudflare user account
    • any non-special account will do
  • Add each Cloudflare domain/zone/website (those mentioned above)
    • you can "fake it" by initiating the import process, without activating (ie. no need to have access to the actual domain)
  • Generate a properly scoped Cloudflare API token
    • Documentation for creating tokens in your profile
    • Permissions: Zone | DNS | Edit
    • Zone Resources: Include | Specific zone | for each zone/domain
      • Alternatively: Include | All zones from an account

To get started with this repo:

git clone
cd domains

For a list of all support commands available via make, type:


To run your first commands:

make setup

# Validate your config locally
make validate

# Copy and modify as needed with API token
cp sample.env .env

# Do a dry run against Cloudflare (no changes will be made)
make dry-run

# Do a REAL run (!!!)
# WARNING: this is destructive, and will delete any records on a domain that
# are not present in your configuration files.
make run

πŸ’ͺ Contributing

Please open an issue or pull request in order to create/update/delete any subdomains.

See docs/ for detailed instructions.

CC0 1.0 Universal


To manage domains and subdomain DNS records for g0v-related domains (and friends)