use DKAN. dkan-core doesn't include any 3-party module and drupal in code.
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DKAN Sitewide Build Status


What is DKAN?

DKAN is a Drupal-based open data platform with a full suite of cataloging, publishing and visualization features that allows governments, nonprofits and universities to easily publish data to the public. DKAN is maintained by Nuams.

Data publishers

  • Publish data through a guided process or import via API/harvesting from other catalogs
  • Customize your own metadata fields, themes and branding* Store data within DKAN or on external (e.g. departmental) sites* Manage access control, version history with rollback, RDF support, user analytics* Supported enterprise-quality commercial support and FISMA-certified cloud hosting options available

Data users

  • Explore, search, add, describe, tag, group datasets via web front-end or API
  • Collaborate with user profiles, groups, dashboard, social network integration, comments* Use metadata and data APIs, data previews and visualizations* Manage access control, version history with rollback, INSPIRE/RDF support, user analytics* Extend and leverage the full universe of more than 18,000 freely available Drupal modules

Hosting and support

Nuams' NuData platform offers 24/7, secure, cloud-based DKAN hosting and support services.

Build Status

Component Status
DKAN Sitewide DKAN Sitewide Build Status
DKAN Dataset DKAN Dataset Build Status
DKAN Datastore DKAN Datastore Build Status


Downloadable Version 7.x-1-0

Drush Make

Requires drush version 6.x or 7.x.

Create a full version with drush make:

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x
cd dkan
drush make --prepare-install build-dkan.make webroot
cd webroot
drush site-install dkan --db-url="mysql://DBUSER:DBPASS@localhost/DBNAME"

Note: Recline previews require clean URLs


DKAN consists of three main components:

DKAN Distro

This is the installation profile that packages everything together. It included the DKAN theme, faceted search, and other elements.

DKAN Dataset

DKAN Dataset is a stand-alone module: that provides dataset and resource content types. This is the foundation for the open data publishing. DKAN Dataset can be included in any Drupal 7 site.

The dataset nodes contain the metadata and the resource nodes contain the file or data itself. This is exactly how CKAN does it, but in Drupal. The metadata from the datasets are available in rdf(a) that is DCAT compliant as well as in JSON.

DKAN Datastore

DKAN Datastore is a stand-alone module: that provides the ability to include uploaded files into a datastore and expose their components via an API. DKAN Datastore can be included in any Drupal 7 site.

Current Status

DKAN just published its 1.0 release.

Contact us if you want to get involved!

DKAN development is a sponsored by NUAMS. For more information about hosting and professional support options for DKAN, see


Please file all tickets for DKAN, including those that involve code in DKAN Dataset and DKAN Datastore modules in this issue queue. We have several labels in place for you to tag the issue with and identify it with the proper component.

Also, please remember to reference the issue accross repositories in order for maintainers to pick up commits and pull requests looking at the issue. You can do that for commits like this:

git commit -m "Issue nuams/dkan#<issue_number>: ..."

Just replace <issue_number> with the actual issue number. You can reference pull requests exactly like that if you add the same text "nuams/dkan#<issue_number>" in a comment.

This really help us detecting changes and pulling them in in faster.