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Read Only by HTML5 UP | @ajlkn
Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (

Just a super simple single-page responsive template built for personal sites and portfolios
(although it'd definitely work for other stuff too). Includes a contact form, pre-styled
elements, and Sass sources.

Demo images* courtesy of Unsplash, a radtastic collection of CC0 (public domain) images
you can use for pretty much whatever.

(* = Not included)

Feedback, bug reports, and comments are not only welcome, but strongly encouraged :)

AJ | @ajlkn

PS: Not sure how to get that contact form working? Give a try (it's awesome).


	Demo Images:
		Unsplash (

		Font Awesome (

		jQuery (
		html5shiv.js (@afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem)
		CSS3 Pie (
		Respond.js (
		Skel (