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twbudget hacks for yahoo hackday tw 2012
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visualizing taiwan central government spending



Windows 7(32-bit):

1.Install the correct Windows SDK from here for the Node modules requiring rebuild for installation such as bcrypt.

2.Install Visual Studio 2008 Redistributables from here for OpenSLL, which is for bcrypt.

3.Install OpenSSL from here for bcrypt.

4.Same as below except "brew" is not available on Windows so please install below modules separately.

Mac OS X and Homebrew:

$ brew install node        # Install nodejs and npm
$ brew install brew-gem    # Install sass
$ gem install sass
$ brew install mongodb     # Install mongodb
$ mongod                   # Run mongodb in foreground


  • npm i to install node packages

Running the app during development

  • brunch w &
  • make run

Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:8000



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