An update of my first ever web project.
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An update of my first ever web project.

In 2005 I was a young lad. I'd self-taught myself a few programming languages including BASIC, Delphi and DIV. It was at this time I decided to try out web development.

As it turns out, the whole web thing caught on, and I somehow made a career out of it.

The TIBZ Farm is the first project that I ever wrote for the web. I've decided to tweak the code and open-source it for its 12 year anniversary.

In a nutshell

The project started life as the simplest interactive website I could imagine: a single input field that would put your input into the database and regurgitate it back to other users.

This sounded too bland. Flashing colours and wobbling words were added. The rest is history.

What is a TIBZ and why does it live on a farm?

The project was originally called "The AutoTIBZ". Tibz was an in-joke with some guys at school, with whom I'm still great friends with to this day. None of us can explain what it really means, just that it sounded funny at the time. The "farm" is just the most random domain I could register in 2015 when I did a bit of spring cleaning of my servers.

NSFW; terrible, horrific content

The internet of 2005 caught on to this site. Like any site that allows anonymous content, it has not been used for many pleasantries. Currently there is no censorship, and all user contributed content is horrific, disgusting, racist, perverted, sick, beautiful art. It's wonderful to think that my code has contributed such commentary to the internet for over a decade.


For fun and to flex my web developer muscles, I'm going to do the following sub-projects with The TIBZ Farm, whenever I get time:

  • Update the code and open-source it
  • Package the project as an app for mobile devices
  • Create a Twitter bot
  • NSFWipsum dummy text generator
  • ... Any ideas? Open an issue or pull request